Music Monday: April ’18

On the one year anniversary of sharing my first public playlist (Relations), I started my next series of weekly Instagram posts. Throughout “Music Monday”, every month I will feature a unique artist, sharing different songs and lyrics each Monday of their month. At the end of each month, I shall write a quick review of the artist and the songs I have featured.

Erik Hassle

April’s featured artist is Swedish singer/songwriter Erik Hassle, whose sound fits perfectly into that of which was collected in my first playlist. Hassle combines Soul, R&B, Pop, and elements of many other music styles to create powerful tracks that explore the timeless topics of love, sex, and heartbreak. His falsetto vocals and emotive voice deliver eloquent mournful and/or passionate lyrics.


April 9th, 2018

“Once I was shattered, once you were broken, we’re coming together…”

-“FTPA” (feat. Gorgon City)

Brooding and explicit, “FTPA” is a smooth, jazzy, R&B track that showcases Erik gently pleading with his lover. Co-written with Gorgon City, musical talents come together flawlessly in this song to create something undeniably sexy. Between Erik’s low and gentle voice and the trumpet solo at the songs end, it’s impossible to determine a favourite element of the track.


April 16th, 2018

“Dreaming of you, or the person I made you up to be…”

-“Silver & Gold”

“Silver & Gold”, combines an upbeat rhythm and bounce with seductive, airy vocals. The lyrics delivered on the track are some of the best off of Erik’s Innocence Lost album. My words can not give it justice. Listening to this track is essential.


April 23rd, 2018

“No matter how dark it gets, I wanna go deeper still…”

-“Natural Born Lovers”

“Natural Born Lovers”, a single from 2015, showcases “free love and a simple celebration of life” according to Hassle himself.  The soulful pop track is passionate, energetic, and full of swinging synths. The single comes complete with a steamy video in which, against a backdrop of neon lights, we watch as couples of various races and sexual orientations share intimate moments in motel rooms, while Erik dances at a gas station.


April 30th, 2018

“All these smiling faces don’t know how to shut up.”

-“Ready for You”

Charged with angst and heartache, Erik’s utilizes echo in “Ready for You” to create a feeling of anguish that is almost palpable. Atmospheric sounds joined with heavy bass, and a constant underlying beat, drive the song through valleys and peaks of emotion.

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