Let us pretend this is a digital CD rack or a digital box of mixtapes.

IMG_0309 copy

Relations (04/09/17)

|For intimate moments with the ones we are connected to|

Music has a way of forming connections between people. Posting Tuesday Tunes 25 times, my infinite love for music, and my incredibly eclectic taste in what I listen to, has inspired me to create playlists and share them with you all. I hope that if you choose to listen, you will enjoy what you hear, maybe discover a song you’ve never heard before, and pass it on to someone else to continue the powerful connections that music can make.


IMG_2159 copy

52 Tuesdays (10/17/17)

|A song a week for a year. October 18th, 2016 – October 10th, 2017|

It has been a year of Tuesday Tunes, so I thought it fitting to compile all of the songs I mentioned into a playlist. This playlist includes all 52 songs, excluding Gotye’s heart wrenching “Heart’s a Mess” from week 6, as it is not on Spotify. Listening to these songs in the order that I chose them, allows me to look back at what my headspace was like through different times of the year. I hope that if you choose to listen back to these songs with me, as I self-reflect, and hear the wide variety of tunes that would not often be grouped together, that you start to think about yourself and how the music you listen to can reflect the way you feel and express what makes you, you.


IMG_3216 copy


|A collection of 37 of JT’s most popular tracks (excluding features), in celebration of his 37th birthday. (01/31/18)|

Happy Birthday, Justin! Thank you so much for all the incredible art you have shared with this world; both as a musician, and as an actor. Thank you for all the smiles. In celebration of your birthday, I’ll turn on this playlist and just dance, dance, dance!



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