“… I’ve never been in love but I’ve never been opposed to it.”

-“Plot Twist” by Marc. E. Bassy (feat. Kyle)


Recipe: No Churn Raspberry Ice Cream

Today was Foodie Friday number 27! As I spend most of the remainder of my summer days at work, I take a few moments every now and then to think about things that are particularly “summer”. Ice cream is something that can be eaten any day of the year, yet there is something special about it during the summer. Going out for ice cream is made into a social outing, and the hot weather goes wonderfully with the deliciously cold and creamy experience that is ice cream.

This summer, I often found myself craving fruity ice cream, and finally decided to break down and try to make some on my own a few weeks ago. I saved this recipe until today, the last Friday of August, in an attempt to stretch out the feeling of summer for as long as I could.

This No Churn Raspberry Ice Cream is a simple summer treat, that can be made any time of year, whenever you crave it. Rich, creamy and sweet, it can be made with raspberries, or blackberries like the recipe I adapted. Like any ice cream, feel free to customize it how you like! Try different toppings, cones, or sauces to find your favourite combinations. Creativity is always encouraged.

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August 11th, 2017

Post #17: 19 years of age

It’s already been a year. One year ago today, I started this blog and began my steady journey into womanhood.

In all this time, I managed to start and finish a year of university; subsequently completing all of my certificate requirements. My classes, as well as various volunteering opportunities, have allowed me to meet some amazing people. More than anything, they reminded me of the significance of doing what you love. I have also continued to bond, and made new connections with my coworkers, who constantly remind me that one should never completely grow up.

Above all, as I have begun to take steps in the adult world, making my own decisions, plans, and standing my own ground, I have come to truly appreciate how important it is to take time out of your busy schedule to talk and spend time with the ones you love.

To reflect on what I said in last year’s post, I will continue to remember to try and find the beauty in the little things, and the joy in everyday. Like finding happiness in taking a trip to the farmers market, eating Vietnamese food, and of course cake, on my 19th birthday for example.

I know that the next year has even more surprises in store for me than the last. I can’t wait to see what’s around every corner as I grow and develop myself as a person, go on realizing who I am, and what it means to be me.