Recipe: Shortbread Cookies

Today was Foodie Friday number 29! It has been a few months since I posted a recipe, so I thought I would make sure that the last recipe of the year was special. I have been working at the same place for the last three years, and tomorrow is my last day. This week’s recipe was adapted from a cookbook I bought from work, and is an absolute classic around the holidays.

This Shortbread is deliciously buttery, while keeping the traditional flavour. With the wonderful melt in your mouth texture, comes the possibility of broken cookies. Trust me, they are worth it, and the pieces taste just the same. For a little extra goodness, baked cookies may be carefully dipped in melted chocolate.

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Recipe: Toasted Marshmallow Brownies

Today was Foodie Friday number 28! Even though I have only posted 28 recipes up to this point, tomorrow will mark one year of Foodie Fridays! It does not seem like a year. Anyways, I figured the best way to celebrate one year was to give the Recipes page a little make over, and make this delicious new dessert! Thank you so much to the people that have peeked in every now and then through out the year to see what I’ve been creating. I can’t wait to keep going.

A few days ago, I had a craving for marshmallows. Today’s task was to find a use for them. These Toasted Marshmallow Brownies turned out to be a fantastic idea. Fudgy, rich, and delicious, these brownies are a fabulous dessert for any occasion. These brownies are best enjoyed warm, when the marshmallows are at their most gooey. The chocolate chips inside the brownies are optional, just like adding nuts, or even more chocolate on top before the last 5 minutes of baking would be.

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Recipe: No Churn Raspberry Ice Cream

Today was Foodie Friday number 27! As I spend most of the remainder of my summer days at work, I take a few moments every now and then to think about things that are particularly “summer”. Ice cream is something that can be eaten any day of the year, yet there is something special about it during the summer. Going out for ice cream is made into a social outing, and the hot weather goes wonderfully with the deliciously cold and creamy experience that is ice cream.

This summer, I often found myself craving fruity ice cream, and finally decided to break down and try to make some on my own a few weeks ago. I saved this recipe until today, the last Friday of August, in an attempt to stretch out the feeling of summer for as long as I could.

This No Churn Raspberry Ice Cream is a simple summer treat, that can be made any time of year, whenever you crave it. Rich, creamy and sweet, it can be made with raspberries, or blackberries like the recipe I adapted. Like any ice cream, feel free to customize it how you like! Try different toppings, cones, or sauces to find your favourite combinations. Creativity is always encouraged.

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Recipe: Cereal Cookies

Today was Foodie Friday number 24! For once we actually have a decently stocked fridge, so choosing what to make today was more difficult than I had anticipated. In the end, I discovered that we had a ton of cereal in the pantry, and there had to be something interesting I could do with it. Then I found the recipe that inspired today’s creation.

These Cereal Cookies are crunchy, sweet, and a tasty way to use up the any cereal left in the box that just isn’t quite enough to make into breakfast. You can choose any flavour or type of dry cereal you please, so experiment with different exciting flavour combos!

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Recipe: Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies

Today was Foodie Friday number 23! The day began slowly, with rain clouds hoovering over the house, and my blankets claiming them as one of their own. Nonetheless, I eventually got out of bed and decided to make cookies. What better way to enjoy a lazy day than with a comfort food like cookies?

These Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies are thick and fudgy, making them a delicious way to indulge that chocolate craving. We all crave the foods and sweets we love once and a while, and sometimes we just have to give in. Life’s too short to eat food we don’t enjoy eating. I used chopped milk chocolate for my cookies, however, any kind of chocolate chunk or chip would be fair game.

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Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Tacos

Today was Foodie Friday number 18! I planned ahead for this one. I actually made the recipe earlier on in the week because I was too eager to see how it was going to turn out to wait. The aspect of using a muffin tin for something other than muffins, and the thought of the smell of cinnamon apples, was too exciting to wait for.

These Apple Cinnamon Tacos are a marvellous, messy, sweet treat. The crunchy taco shells and soft apples, all wrapped up in cinnamon and sugar, may be served just the way they are. If you are looking to add a little more, they may be perfectly paired with your favourite caramel sauce or vanilla ice cream.

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Recipe: Sugar Cookies

Today was Foodie Friday number 17! Valentine’s Day was on Tuesday, so heart shaped cookies felt obligatory.

The recipe for these particular cookies is adapted from a friend’s. A little over a year ago, she invited me and a few other friends over to make this recipe and decorate freshly baked festive shapes for Christmas. There is something so simple and lovely about cookie decorating with friends or family. Its so fun to see everyone be creative with the shapes and decorations, and even if someone isn’t too confident about how their cookies look, no one can be disappointed in eating them!

These sugar cookies are sweet, crunchy, tasty, easy, and completely customizable. Whether you choose to cut them into hearts like I did, or any other shape you can imagine.

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