December 21st, 2017

Post #19: The Summer of ’17 – Part 2/2

As the year begins to come to a close, I continue to reminisce on previous months. Summer continued into August, and the first Sunday of the month found me at a folk music festival. This turned out to be another highlight of my summer. Standing underneath the branches of a tree near the back of the crowd, (ironically next to my elementary school music teacher’s family) I munched on delicious food truck grub, while listening intently to number of artists including, Oscar Lopez. Though he may not be too familiar to a lot of you, back in the second grade I absolutely loved him. Getting to hear him play my favourite song of his live was a small dream come true.

The following Friday was my 19th birthday, and the Saturday was my birthday party. By Uber or taxi cab, a few of my friends and I made our way downtown to a Prohibition era style speakeasy. There, we found ourselves sitting on velvet furniture, listening to jazz music, and drinking. The place was relaxed, beautiful, underground, and while we were there we were temporarily transported to another world. Once we emerged, we went for food down the street at a burger restaurant, where unexpectedly the entire staff, along with the customers, sang me the birthday song. A memorable night to say the least.

The rest of the month was split between work and visiting other family or getting dinner/coffee with friends. My Aunt came to visit from across the country, and brought with her my baby cousin. Seeing her for the first time was heartwarming. She was so innocent and so determined to stand up on her own. She only had smiles for all of us.

Two days later, my best friend’s family came over in the evening to share conversation, dessert, and a board game. Getting together with them the few times a year we do, is something I wish we could do more often. Family is not always determined by blood, and to me they are more family than friends.

Before I could stop to think about it, August turned to September, and as I worked through the beginning weeks, I also returned to school. The summer was over but my adventures continued.



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