March 18th, 2017

Post #14: New (hair)do

Yesterday, I did something that if you had asked me to do it a year ago, I would have asked you if you were crazy. I got my hair cut shorter than its ever been cut, and I got it dyed with purple highlights. Until more recently, I never even wanted to dye my hair. I was always too afraid that I would look ridiculous and regret the decision as soon as the process was over. I don’t know what changed my mind, something just snapped and there was nothing to do but try and hope for the best.

I had no idea what to expect. My ignorance led me to believe that the whole experience would only take an hour. Boy was I wrong. After nearly 4 hours at the hairdresser, and spending much more money than I had expected, I still managed to leave with a smile on my face. As I stepped out onto the sidewalk and gusts of wind blew through my hair, purple streaks falling in my face, I felt so wildly different, but I loved it. I felt like a completely different person. Maybe the positive result gave me a boost of self confidence, or maybe the fact that I hadn’t cut my hair in a year had gotten to me and the change came as a welcome relief. Whatever was going on in my mind, the dramatic transformation reminded me that maybe it really is good to go outside of your comfort zone once in a while.



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