February 22nd, 2017

Post #13: Never underestimate

Never underestimate the power of a five minute drive home that turns into an hour and a half because you and your best friend decide to sit in your driveway and have one of the deepest conversations of your entire friendship.

Never underestimate the experience of taking a train through a blizzard to go to a theatre to volunteer and help the lost audience members to their venues. There is something special about the feeling of helping another simply because you have the time of day. At the end of it all, you know that you made a difference in their day, and made their life a little easier. Who knows, your giving may even lead to you receiving. If you help out at a theatre, you might receive tickets to an orchestra for example.

Never underestimate the escapade of waiting outside in -30 degree weather for 45 minutes, for your bus to go to school for only three hours, to make you question if it’s even worth it. The longer you stand there, the colder you get, and after time your toes are so frozen that tears nearly start to well in your eyes. However, for whatever reason, you continue to stand there, knowing that eventually a bus will show up. You wonder if you’re crazy for sticking through it, and in the end you realize that if you’re passionate enough about something, you would go to the ends of the earth for it, so a little cold weather is not going to hold you back.

Never underestimate the experience of getting a ride from a colleague you barely know because you both have to attend a company event for a class. As long as your initial impressions of this colleague are that they are trustworthy and good hearted, your experience is likely to be more pleasant than you would expect. You learn a lot about a person in a few short minutes of conversation, and when you’re both attending an event that neither knows what to expect, you are likely to find yourselves having a lot of conversation. Ultimately, you will have each other for casual conversation when everyone else and their coworkers make you feel slightly out of place.

Never underestimate the feeling of either jumping in, or walking through a huge puddle of melted snow. Depending on the shoes you’re wearing, the sensation of cold water soaking through to your bare feet can be unexpectedly liberating. On the other hand, the sound of the water splashing and the resulting mess can bring you out of whatever gloom you may have been in earlier, and make you feel like a carefree kid again.

Never underestimate the beauty of a baby’s smile. The innocent little eyes looking up at you as they giggle about spilling their food all over the floor, or making a funny noise, can not be compared to anything else.

Never underestimate the power of an individual’s words. One person, has the ability to inspire you, or change the way you see the world, just by saying a few words that you feel a connection to. If you have something you need to say, about something in which you are passionate, say what you need to say. Yell it at the top of your lungs. Don’t hold back. Everyone has the power to make a difference. Never underestimate.



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