January 20th, 2017

Post #11: Time flies

The first month of this new year is almost over. The fact that I was able to write that sentence, and have it be true, almost scares me. Where did all that time go? Sometimes it feels like as the days go by, time goes by faster, even when I know that isn’t possible.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been spending my seemingly short time cleaning out my house and meeting up with friends to catch up, reflect, and discuss the future. Life takes everyone in different directions, and staying up to date with loved ones may be difficult, but catching up and finding the opportunity to make conversation can mean everything.

I’m all for planning. In fact, I encourage planning, and in all honesty, I personally plan almost every moment of my life. However, I have also begun to recognize that we are often trapped in the busy, and sometimes constantly monotonous routine of our humdrum lives. Therefore, it’s  important to find time to be unexpected and spontaneous. Spontaneity may even grow naturally from a plan, as it has for me lately.

At the very beginning of the month I planned to meet up and go to a mall with a friend, which we did, and that lead us on an adventure. Eventually we were driving all over town, going to places we never expected to go. Then, another friend called me up the same evening, and without a moments notice we were sitting over hot beverages in a coffee shop discussing anything and everything.

A few days later, I had proposed to meet another friend after her shift at work to explore a few shops in the neighbourhood. Little did I know the night would also include us watching a movie we never planned to watch, and her encouraging me to try foods I thought would be years before I did.

Then there was yesterday. I had arranged to meet with yet another friend at my University, and I had no idea how long we would have together. It had been months since we had seen each other, and all of the plans we had attempted to make never worked out for one reason or another. Luckily, we ended up having a few hours together; a few hours of almost completely free time where we were able to wander around, and sit down and just talk. We let the conversation take off, and for a little while, I forgot about the time. I let the time fly while I was having fun, and I think we should all do that a little more often.



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