December 14th, 2016

Post #9: (21 Gun) Salute

That’s it. I finished my first semester of my University certificate on Thursday; which means I’m also half way done, and now I’m anxiously awaiting my final course grades. While I’m waiting as patiently as I can, I am starting to make a ton of Christmas preparations, and go on other little adventures.

Saturday saw me at an orientation for an opportunity to become a Concierge volunteer in a theatre building. The experience led me to stand on a stage there is no other way I would have been able to, and learn much more about the building itself than I thought there was to learn. I look forward to seeing what happens when things are in full swing, and I work my first volunteer shift.

Last night. Wow. Last night I went to my first real concert. Real, meaning that it wasn’t a jazz concert, where everyone is seated and politely claps after each song. Real, meaning that I stood in a crowded room full of people for four hours, grooving along to the music, feeling the beat of it pulse through me; ears ringing. It was incredible. The opening band was amazing, even though I was completely unfamiliar with them. Then, when the main band came on stage, the energy in the room, though it was evident prior, exploded. Shortly after I discovered the band last year, I made the decision that whenever I was given the opportunity, I needed to see them live. They exceeded any expectations. Their love for their job was obvious from the smiles on their faces, and their talent and beautifully unique rhythms made seeing them perform a life experience I will never forget.



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