September 24th, 2016

Post #5: Complimentary and contrasting

Today was my first day of “university” and it was fantastic. I say “university” with quotation marks because, I’m not what one may consider a typical university student. I am a student in a university “Continuing Education” program. This means that the university offers educational programs to those (normally adults) not enrolled in traditional on-campus study. This also means that I am likely to be the youngest in the classes that I am enrolled in, as classes are in the evenings, and on the occasional weekend, in order to fit in with a typical working adult lifestyle. My specific program is a “Certificate in Visual Design specializing in Interior Design”, and today’s class was entitled “Colour for Homeowners”. That may not seem exciting to some, but I personally found it fascinating to learn about how the colour of a room can so drastically effect a space and the people in it.

The woman I had sat next to at the start of class invited me and another woman to spend our lunch hour with her, and they were so welcoming. Over their cafeteria food, and my packed lunch, we exchanged little personal facts about ourselves and our reasons for taking the class. Both ladies turned out to be mothers with three small children. Though I was younger than the ladies I ate lunch with, and everyone else in my class, I felt comfortable, and Interior Design being one of my biggest passions, I had a lot of fun. Even though we still do assignments and projects, school doesn’t feel entirely like school. Everyone in the program comes from such different lives, and is taking the class and program for such different reasons. I look forward to meeting more new people and experiencing more interesting classes as this year goes on, with only one more class “Colour for Homeowners” next weekend.



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